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Individual Assignation Scheme

Monthly Service hours Scheme

It consists of providing technical support to infrastructure of hardware and software, by means of a sense on watch and quality in the personnel involved in these activities, maintaining the decided levels on watch with our Clients.

In this service, the following aspects in the function required by the Client are applied.

Canalization, attention and pursuit of Client’s requirements.
Application of the knowledge in hardware and software that allows to grant support in the different levels (Support by Telephone or in Site).
Infrastructure administration of hardware and software .
Taking of steps of support in preventive hardware and software as preventive as much corrective.
Fulfillment of strategy on watch of the Client.

The technologies that are supported in these services are:

Hardware: Mainframe, Servers, PC’s, Printers, Communications equipment.

Software: Office stuff, Mail, Data Bases, Develop environments.